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The Description Of Sholawat Ceng ZamZam

Peace be upon you, and Allah's mercy and blessings
Ahmad Zamzam Zainal Muttaqin or better known as Ceng Zam-Zam may not be foreign to be heard, especially among young santriwan-santriwati. He is the singer of sholawat as well as the qori cilik / qori international teenager. through this application you can enjoy melodious sholawat chant from Ceng Zam Zam.

As for Shalawat in this application among others

1. Shalawat Ceng Zam Zam

2. Sholawat Cinta Rasul
- Cinta Rasul Volume 1
- Cinta Rasuk Volume 2
- Cinta Rasul Volume 3
- Cinta Rasul Volume 4
- Cinta Rasul Volume 5
- Cinta Rasul Volume 6
- Cinta Rasul Volume 7

3. Shalawat Sulis
- Single - Dzikir Anak
- The Best of Sulis album
- Orchestra
- Ya Allah

4. Sholawat Habib Syech Bin Abdul Qodir Assegaf
    Comes with Video

5. Sholawat Veve Zulfikar Online
     Equipped With Video

6. Salawat Wafiq Azizah

also enjoy the various Islamic stories in this application, among others.
- The story of 25 Prophets and Apostles
- The story of Rasulullah SAW
- The story of the Companions of the Prophet
- The Stories and Stories of Islamic Wisdom
- Asmaul Husna
- Daily Muslim Prayer
- The Muslim Pearl word

The advantages of this application include:
- Can be shared to family, relatives, friends, friends and others
- Can be played in the background, mp3 audio still running even when the screen is off
- online applications, in addition there are some online to save quota
- easy to use
- can be set as ringtones, alarms, alerts and more

Thank you for using our application, if you have complaints, suggestions, criticism, error report, and request can contact the application developer at email [email protected]

Hopefully this application can get closer to Allah SWT and make ourselves a pious person. Aamin Ya Rabbal Alamin.

Jazakumullah Khairan Katsiran.

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    Android 4.1+

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